Eyelashes by Victoria Paul

Eyelashes by Victoria Paul

Registered Eyelash Artist


Victoria is a trained expert in individual semi-permanent, volume and Lala Express eyelash extensions.

A top lash artist in Ukraine and trained in London, Victoria has brought her style and expertise to Canada to help revolutionize the lash industry.
With over 10 years of experience and 10,000 sets of eyelash extensions ranging from classical to 8D volume lashes.
A warm personality and attention to detail always mean the best possible experience, while applying eyelashes,  – she loves to make friends and clients beautiful and happy.  With an eye for perfection! Victoria will create an exquisite look tailored especially for your eyes.


I’m absolutely 100% perfectionists in my work. It is my guarantee that you will never have eyelashes extensions that are stuck together, I guarantee that you will never be able to see any glue and I guarantee that they will be always perfectly separated. I guarantee that you will love them every time!

Details of the  pre-appointment consultation:

1) Fill out a consultation form

2) Performing Patch test:  Patch Testing involves placing small amounts of glue behind the ear and at the outer corner of a lash. The point of the patch test is to see if the client is will have an allergic reaction to the product or not. The adhesive used for eyelash extensions is a medical grade and is only to be applied to lashes, not the skin. It is very unlikely that clients will experience an allergic reaction, however, it is recommended that a small amount of glue is applied to the client’s lashes 24hours before a full set of extensions are carried out. 

3) I recommend having photos ready on your phone to help explain your desired look.  This will allow us to match your desired look with my beautiful portfolio, and to determine the eyelash extensions that will suit your features and personality best.  

Services List

Pre Consultation +Patch test Free ( 20 min )

Classic Set $120
Touchup (within 4 weeks)$100
Hybrid Set$130
Touchup (within 4 weeks)$110
Volume Set$150
Touchup (within 4 weeks)$120
Messy Volume$160
Touchup (within 4 weeks)$130
Lala Express (Removal included)$75
Lala Express Volume (Removal included)$95


For appointments please contact Victoria

Email: victoria@victoriapaul.ca

Phone:: 902-989-3087

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